Sunday, September 05, 2010

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How are you. I am not bad at all. These few days I was busy for my Airtel DTH receiver. If you don't know about this then google is on side of you. Please try there. It was close due to negative balance. I had to recharge it but I didn't know my customer id. So I could not recharge it. But at last I can do it now. I have give my stb id no. and smart card no to a person. He told me my customer id and also help me to recharge it. After recharge, it become to service me. Airtel DTH is a digital tv service in ku band satellite. It is a product of Bharti Airtel Limited,  India. I herd that all over of Bangladesh it can served you. I have buy it for some of English Channel such as Star movies, HBO, Channel [V], MGM, Cartoon network, Neo sports, Star cricket, ESPN, Star Sports etc and some Indian movie Channel. Now a question will appear that "Why?". In my aria, the local dish provider dose not show most over some channel and dose not respect to any service complain, so I have to do it. Now I am trying to get a way to recharge it myself  by online. Why? I don't know who has bought it in India and what cell no did he given to the dealer when he perches it. After get his name and cell no. I can recharge it myself. After succeeded I will give a post about it. Thanks.