Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to setup windows by pen drive solved here.

In my previous post I have shown you set up windows 7 by a pen drive without any soft. Today I show you how do so using  a soft.

Win To Flash.

I will show how to use win to flash by some picture below.

1. Open and extract it. Download link at the bottom of the post.

2. Double click on WinToFlash.exe. ( It will try to connect to its server for show some add and agreement.)

3. Then follow images below.

Capture 01


Capture 02


Capture 03

After selecting source and destination path the program will format your pen drive and prepare to copy data to pen drive.

Capture 04


Capture 05


Now disconnect your pen drive from pc and reboot your pc. Get the bios option and select 1st boot as USB mass storage and save and exit from bios setting. Connect the pen drive and follow the boot option and enjoy setup windows from pen drive.


Thank you.

Friday, May 06, 2011

How to set up Win 7 from a Usb pen drive without using any third party software.

Today I have successfully set up Windows 7 to a laptop that has not working cd / DVD rom with a USB pen drive.  I will try to explain you how have I done this topic. And that is same as given below.
At first you have to get some condition that you need.
  1. A USB pen drive.
  2. A DVD of Windows7.
  3. Another Pc or laptop.
  4. Some dos code.
  5. Some free time.
Do following step by step below.
  1. Insert the pen drive to a pc.
  2. Click Start > Run. (or win+R) Type (without coat) “cmd” and hit Ctrl+ Shift+ Enter.
  3. You have a command prompt window on the screen.
  4. Type diskpart and hit Enter to run the disk partition program.
  5. Type list disk to show the list of drives type. There most have “Disk 0” and “Disk 1”. Disk 0 is your HDD and Disk 1 is pen drive.
  6. SELECT DISK 1 (where 1 is the number you noted down for the pen drive from at step 5)
  7. Type clean.
  8. Create partition primary and hit Enter.
  9. Select partition 1 and hit Enter.
  10. Format fs=ntfs and hit Enter.
  11. Active and hit Enter.
  12. Assing and hit Enter.
  13. Exit and hit Enter. It will exit the disk partition program.

Please don’t close the CMD.EXE. We have some more command to continue. Now insert the DVD labeled WINDOWS 7 to DVD rom. Be careful for the drive later  both the DVD rom and pen drive. I example here the DVD rom is in drive H:/ and the pen drive is drive I:/. Go back to CMD.EXE window.
  1. Type H: and hit Enter.
  2. Cd boot and hit Enter.
  3. bootsect.exe/nt60 I: and hit Enter. (It will update your USB pen drive with bootmgr code.)
  4. And you have to finally copy all of the contents from the DVD of Windows 7 to your Pen drive.

Make sure you have done the entire step above successfully without any errors. Now unplug the pen drive.

Insert the pen drive to that pc which has no DVD rom or not working cd / DVD.
Power it and get in bios setup. Go to boot menu and select USB disk to first boot device then save and exit from bios setup. Restart the system. Some time you can select your boot media by pressing F8 or F9 or others at time of startup your system. Now your system is ready to set up windows 7 from a USB pen drive.  Enjoy the feel free set up OS from USB pen drive.