Monday, November 08, 2010

Airtel DTH recharge and its recharge options.

In previous post I wrote about finding online Airtel DTH recharge. Today I will write about Airtel DTH recharge and its recharge options. For online recharge I found mainly tow way. 1. is registered user and 2. is non-registered retailer user. All are explained below.

Option no. 1.
Registered retailer user:
 If you are registered reseller of Airtel DTH STB, with your registered using mobile no. then it will be registered retailer user. You can recharge your won and other customer of Airtel DTH. You can also recharge using your mobile no. But it is only for India not for others country around  India. I interested online system. Now please go to this link . You will see 2 option box (1. Customer Id & 2. Registered Telephone Number (RTN)). Now input your coustomer id in first option box. And click on Submit button.It will take you in next page. In this page you can see your account details. Now input "Recharge voucher Pin" (remember it will 16 digit long)  on first option box.and click recharge. Your recharge is done.

Option no. 2.
Non Registered User:
Maximum user of Airtel DTH are in this category. They can't recharge their account by them self. But now I will show you this option. Please go here. Now you can see a page containing 3 option box. 1. Customer Id. 2. Recharge voucher Pin and 3. Dealer Mobile No. You have to input your customer id and "Recharge voucher Pin" (remember it will 16 digit long) in first 2 option box one after one. Leave blank the option box no 3 "Dealer Mobile No". Your recharge is done.

Both of two option make sure that your STB (Airtel DTH) is on and signal quality is good. after 10 to 30 minute you can see a message on your STB and your service is resumed.

Now you can ask me "What is my customer id?" (if you don't know). Than ask me your STB id and view card number using comments I will try to inform you about your Customer Id. If you in need of "Recharge voucher Pin" comment me. I will try to help you. Thanks to all.